About this blog

Two people and two dogs explore the spirituality of the 42 of Canada’s National Parks accessible by driving. Linda and Carl Yates (and Russell and Pax) will share our adventures, introduce you to some characters we meet, and do some descriptive pondering. For those who don’t like pondering, there will be photos, humour, and slices of life that emerge when two independent people are confined in a truck camper.  There is also a Carl-the-camping-engineer’s page.

Each park will be described and rated. We will hike 30 kilometres of trail in every park (in addition to canoeing and bicycling). We will acknowledge and explore Indigenous territory and contributions. We will participate in some kind of worship/meditative experience. We will meet and socialize with people. National Park art will be investigated. Also, there will probably be the occasional piece on food. My husband loves food, especially when we are camping.

Carl at Gros Morne, 2016Since we are both still working, we need to do this on our vacations. Our posts may come in bursts, but in between park visits you’ll find some entries on the philosophy of camping. The end goal is to take an entire year or so on the road to finish off all of the parks. We look forward to sharing Canada’s parks with you.